V Ä L V Ē, Stef Ketteringham, Lily of The Graphites

July 29, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm


Another fantastic psychedelic folk night at the Tom Thumb!

If you came to see Kavus Torabi, Arch Garrison and Bovril in April, you’ll know that these nights are very special. This next show will be no different.

VÄLVĒ is the outlet for composer/performer Chlöe Herington’s (Knifeworld / Chrome Hoof / Lindsay Cooper Songbook) compositional work using text and image as the starting point for scores. She collects sounds and diagrams, composing predominantly for bassoon, saxes, electronics and found sounds to explore synaesthetic memory and collective experience.

The band has been morphing – from what originated as a solo project, performing mainly in art galleries, it grew to include Elen Evans on harp. After moving from from galleries back into music venues, they were recently joined by Chlöe’s Chrome Hoof comrade, Emma Sullivan on bass, microkorg and vocals. VÄLVĒ are now three! Live, the music traverses the realms of noise and improv into songs, punctuated with found sounds and eases into spacy soundscapes.

They have recently closed the Barn stage at Supernormal and been played by John Doran on BBC R3’s late Junction.

STEF KETTERINGHAM Ex-Shield Your Eyes guitarist and vocalist, Stef Ketteringham utilises electric and acoustic guitar, four-track tape recorder, bass drum and scant vocal flourishes.

Improvisations based on skeletal structures, the constant redefining and re-experiencing of compositions is mirrored in the fluidity of the techniques used to extract sound from the instruments. The frenetic, swelling clusters of notes and percussive rhythms snap open from the tipping point of total dissonance to heart-wrenching melancholic melody; neither de-, nor re-constructed, abstraction and melodic clarity shifting focus in constant flux.

For this music is THE BLUES – in the truest sense of a joyful, melancholic expression of the ineffable existential condition we find ourselves within, rather than a stylistic exercise in genre convention. This is a highly personal, subjective language being used to express everything that THE BLUES is of.

LILY of THE GRAPHITES Lily Buchanan, singer and guitarist of the South London based pop punk band The Graphites will play a series of folk songs inspired by her recent intrigue into collecting sea fauna.