Lim Orion, Clementine Blue

February 25, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Clementine Blue & Lim Orion join forces for an ambient, experimental pop night at the Tom Thumb Theatre. Expect loops, analogue synthesisers, saxophone and the supermassive pop-punk songs of Jack Goldstein.
Lim Orion
Lim Orion paints worlds with the barest materials. Her sound is unhurried, spectral and intimate, and her songs are composed as a series of heartfelt trances; deliberately formless and rhythmic as the sea! Flourishes of sun-charmed electric guitar sprawl out sparsely, punctuated by the frank but tender character of Lim’s vocal. Listen closely and you’ll hear tales of vain kings, mirror monsters and lonely people transforming into churches.
Jack Goldstein
Heartfelt / High Carb / Lo-Fi / Gluten 3 / Power-Pop/Emo
“his performance is quite a spectacle; a Lynchian sense of the bizarre channeling the spirits of James Dean, Andy Kaufman and Uncle Peter from The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer. “
Clementine Blue (solo moog version)
Clémentine Blue is a musician and visual artist, based in the seaside town of Margate. Her electronic live set ‘Wavelengths’, voiced by her Moog synthesiser, drifts through space collecting sounds of star pulsars and rogue radio-waves, transforming them into pulsing washes of arpeggios and bubbling beats. Originally conceived to accompany a photographic exhibition by Melanie King, the set continues to evolve and with each performance its sonic world deepens.