Jeremy Tuplin with support from “Human Interests’

March 2, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

BL 1

Jeremy Tuplin is a singer-songwriter from Somerset, now living in London. His sophomore album ‘Pink Mirror’ is set to be released by Trapped Animal in March 2019. His lyricism and vocal nuances have been compared to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Scott Walker or Jake Thackray, to, musically, being described as being ‘the missing link between Nick Drake and ‘Space-Oddity’-era Bowie’. His debut album, ‘I Dreamt I Was Astronaut’ came out on Folkwit Records in September 2017. 

Clash Music – “A cosmic gem” 

The Telegraph Culture – “A distinctive, deep vocal that has hints of Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan” 

BBC 6 Music – Tom Robinson – “Unconventional, conversational and intimate” 

Music Match UK – “Wonderfully weird” 

Boomtown Festival – “One of the founding fathers of the lesser known genre of space folk”

Music Musings & Such – “Tuplin’s songs are more like plays or a novel… He projects sweeping stories and worlds and tackles conventional subjects with a fresh perspective.”