Cliftonville Vaudeville Halloween Masquerade

October 30, 2021 @ 9:30 pm – 11:59 pm

Halloween Poster

Dear Fiends, You are cordially invited to join Us
For an evening of decadent delights as we present a Masquerade!!
Strutt your stuff this All Hallows Eve , bring your alter ego, your spirit animal your inner beasts . Let’s see what you are made of!!!
We expect full glamour on this suspicious occasion as we have the ULTIMATE in sideshow, live music, poetry, drag .
Dark Vaudeville Baroque & Roll at its finest!

Lou Safire, Son of the Devil & freakshow guru.
Using classic routines, Lou’s lust for the darker side of vaudeville takes them to a new level combining circus skills with traditional freak show stunts.
Your Ringmistress for the evening will be the Devastating Carmen Mon Oxide , A Baroque and Roll badass battle axe outta Hell …
Naomi Wood is a a Witchy Wild redhead merging the circus with storytelling and poetry, creating pieces that incite riotous acts of joyful disobedience celebrating empowerment and rebellion. Risque wax play and misbehaving on the furniture while she beguiles you with her lullabies’.
Ash Dawn Clarke brings our favourite Psycho Bunny to the stage where she’ll bounce you off the walls and leave you in disbelief and desperate for more!!
Alongside the Rhyme Stoned Cowboy Dan Lambert, they create freaky rock n roll alchemy
Combining their talents with a rowdy crew of Voodoo Groovers to get you stomping your feet!
+Special Guests
Local broken folk heroes the Lunatraktors give us a ritualistic presentation of music and theatre perfect for this season of the wytch.
Couture DeVille welcomes you join us in a fully immersive world of Costume and Glamour.
Let us delight you with our fabulous collection of theatrical costumes, evening wear , vintage tailoring and fine silks!
Arrive early to Lost Property 2 to delve into the wardrobes and design your look for the evening…
Pre show dress-ups , make up artist and photo studio will be at your service, please book your timeslot in advance by contacting
For rates,
Costume and make~up AND Portrait Studio Appointments From 5- 9pm
Congregate at the Stingrays Bar on Prices Ave then procession down to the
Tom Thumb Theatre for stage show of live performance.
A full line up of dark Vaudeville Cabaret, Freakshow, Comedy, Music drinks and dancing awaits you!
☠️**no streetwear**☠️
Please feel free to make an appointment in advance for a consultation on your Look!
If you already have a fabulous wardrobe please feel free to bring your own looks 👀
We can’t wait to see what you are gonna WEAR!!
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