Brite Theatre presents: Hamlet (an experience)

December 18, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Hamlet (an experience)


After breaking new ground with their award-winning Richard III (A One Woman Show), Brite Theater are once again reinventing Shakespearean performance with their new adaptation of Hamlet directed by Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir. Emily Carding plays Hamlet and you, the audience, are the players arriving at Elsinore. Hamlet needs your help to take on the roles of his friends and family and resolve the great questions of life. Journey through the play together and become immersed in the story like never before. Hamlet has the questions. Do you have the answers?

“Sigfusdottir’s adaptation and Carding’s sensitive interpretation provide a shortcut to the empathy that many Hamlets crave but seldom achieve.” **** The Stage

“Encounter Shakespeare’s most iconic story from the inside” **** Fringe Guru

“It’s an extraordinary feat, a tour de force. Shakespeare doesn’t get more up close and personal than this” ***** UK Theatre Network


Nominated for Infallibles Award at Edinburgh and for the Creative, Performance and Inspiration awards at Prague Fringe. Winner of Fringe Encore award 2018


Creative Award (Artist or Company whose worked is deemed as being creatively exceptional) PRAGUE FRINGE 2015

Inspiration Award (New piece of work staged no more than twice previously) PRAGUE FRINGE 2015

Performance Award (Artist who has excelled in their performance at the festival) Emily Carding – Richard III, Brite Theater

Bobby Award Edinburgh Fringe 2015