Art’s Cool x Amorphous Sounds Present  Auclair / Miryam Solomon / Evadney 

March 5, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 11:15 pm


Amorphous Sounds

Amorphous Sounds is a newly established independent label founded by Luisa Gerstein (Deep Throat Choir) and Anika Mottershaw (Bella Union Records).  The label has its roots in the choir, and the collaborative practices amongst its many artists, which have evolved over the years, culminating in the groups most recent album, In Order to Know You.  The label is here to champion the most exciting music to be coming out the collective, and foster future collaborations from with and without the choir.

Amorphous Sounds made a strong debut release in 2020 with The Swarm, an experimental, richly harmonic and polyphonic vocal concept album, following the narrative of a swarming bee-hive (Heloise Tunstall-Behrens & Auclair).  There have since been numerous singles and remixes, and the label will be working closely with Auclair, Blood Moon Project, and Nouria Bah on releasing exciting new work in 2022.
The Amorphous Buds series, in collaboration with Voices Unwrapped and Arts Cool, celebrates the labels beginnings.  We invite cherished artists not only to perform on carefully curated line-ups, but to collaborate on a piece of music to perform, and release on the label.  We are excited to be working with Laura Groves, Fran Lobo, Blood Moon Project, Auclair, Miryam Solomon, Evadney, Deep Throat Choir, and Nouria Bah on this series.


auclair 2021

Auclair is a British-Rwandan music and sound artist. Her work explores rhythm, voice and electronica – treating everyday life like new mythologies and taking an embodied approach to exploring ideas with sound.

Her versatility has lead to a wide range of projects and collaborations including: live rework / scoring of Afro-Brazilian classic Black Orpheus with Charlie Dark; Beck’s Song Reader Live; multi-sensory concert for blindfolded audience The Sensory Score; choral sound piece about bees, The Swarm; musique concrète series made from recordings of buildings, Four Points Talk; In Waves for the Roundhouse Choir; Dawn Chorus Live exploring birdsong with Marcus Coates; community multi-arts residency Co-Create; and more recently working with pioneering Rwandan drum ensemble Ingoma Nshya. Her latest pieces are a Zeitgeist commission for The Riot Ensemble, Munganyinka is a Transformer, which premiered at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2020, and Ruzunguzungu, commissioned by ISSUE Project Room in New York for their With Womens Work series.

She is also a member of Deep Throat Choir and vocal ensembles The Quorum and Blood Moon Project.

Miryam Solomon

Miryam Solomon Romance Cover

All voices are unique, but some really stand apart.  Whether it be the tone of a person’s phrasing and delivery, sometimes a voice catches you and gets under your skin.  Miryam Solomon is one of those people.


A London-based artist by way of Sweden and Eritrea, her work is underpinned by her love for rhythms, vocal interplay and story telling, and has been championed by the likes of Jamie Cullum and Moses Boyd.


Romance, her debut EP for the South London label Albert’s Favourites, is at its heart a sonic exploration of storytelling, painting vivid and evocative worlds that are beautiful, playful and intriguing.


Unexpected turns and sounds, interlocking rhythms and voice, weave together a journey through different moods and colours that set the scene for stories to unfold.


There’s a magic and honesty in its simplicity, in working with the dignity of each element, as exemplified by Ben Marc’s production.  Repeating rhythms and phrases take on new meaning with each listen, always guided by Solomon’s voice and its offer of intimacy and intricacy.


Evadney Press Photo

Growing up in the UK in a Caribbean family, Evadney’s sound has been shaped from his love of bold artists like Bjork, Kate Bush and Grace Jones, and later studying the likes of John Cale, Stockhausen and Musique concrete during his MA in Music Composition at Goldsmiths University. Debuting two stunning EPs of poetic electronic-pop odysseys on Black Acre Records, Evadney captured his own outsider experience. Led by his unique vocals, the politics of sexuality, identity and Evadney’s intersectionality are played out across cinematic pieces of work.